We didn’t get all the predicted snow the last few days but they sure got the cold temps correct! Yesterday, I braved the frigid temps, -4 degrees when I was out shootign around 11am, who knows with the windchill, guess I should’ve looked.

I stayed pretty close to home and headed to Montrose Harbor to check out the skyline with the steamy lake. As expected, I also got distracted with creating a few abstracts of the windblown snow and ice beginning to form in the harbor.

I’ll start with the color version of each photo, followed by the black & white. For consistency sake, I like the black & white because when showing the images as a grouping, the direction of the light really affects the coloring/white balance and it’s hard to get the consistency I want with the color shots. Even if I like some of the color versions better or for different reasons. You can decide what you prefer. Why not offer the choice, right?!

Now, the black & white. The other thing I like about B&W is the way more dramatic post-processing emphasizes the shapes and patterns that I just couldn’t make work on the color versions. Particularly, the snow and ice shots.



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