Milwaukee Art Museum | Larry Bell’s Iceberg

It’s been about a year since I last visited one of my favorite buildings – The Milwaukee Art Museum. A photographer I know in Milwaukee was posting some pics of this great art installation in the atrium so I figured I should check that out before it’s gone 🙂

The museum is doing winter installations to bring some color to the space during a time of year that is often dreary and gray. This year, it’s Larry Bell’s Iceberg on display. Love how the colors of the glass shift as you move around the sculpture – from different shades of blue and even pink.

Here’s a look at some wider shots to some details.



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  1. Another group of stunning graphic images.
    The images demonstrate space, color and design - giving a floating perspective. The color glass is delightful. What a place to get lost in visual space! Well done!

    Best wishes,

    Rob Olson

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