Teotihuacán Hot Air Balloons

I was just in Mexico City for my first workshop of 2024 and had one day to explore some things before the rigorous schedule began.

So, we decided 3 hours of sleep after a late night arrival to checkout Teotihuacán via hot air balloons was a wise choice. It was, in fact, well worth the sleep deprivation. This was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced.

While not architectural, this was too beautiful not to share.

Of course, the sunrise was fantastic but to see so many hot air balloons all at once was pretty incredible, and what a fantastic way to see the sun and moon pyramids of Teotihuacán.

As always, more photos than I should probably edit but oh well!

First, I grabbed a few shots while they were setting up.

Then, we’re airborne!

If you’re ever in the Mexico City area, I highly recommend one of these tours!



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  1. Beautiful images, so many colorful balloons!! What a great way to begin your visit to Mexico!! Thanks for sharing!

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