Student Images – 2024 Mexico City Workshop

Time for a few images from each of the attendees at the CDMX workshop! Always one of my favorite parts of the workshop – showing you all the great work made by everyone in attendance and the varied ways each saw & interpreted the spaces we explored.

Lucia Cooper

Love the images Lucia is sharing with us. Fantastic minimalistic geometric takes on tw areas of Casa Gilardi and one from the Telcel Plaza.

David Farr

Dave also had two images from Casa Gilardi, clearly a group favorite. Love his direct approach to this space. He’s also sharing a minimalistic shot from the Soumaya Museum.

You can see more of his work on his website –

Lloyd Bloom

Lloyd is sharing some moody images from Chapultepec Castle and one shot of the dome inside the Monument to the Revolution.

You can see more of his work on Instagram at – @lbloom53.

Todd Kalyniuk

Todd is sharing some bold, vibrant takes on the Former College of San Ildefonso, Chapultepec Castle, and the Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

You can see more of his work on Instagram here – @toddkphotography.

Doreen Deicke

I first met Doreen at last summer’s Out of Chicago Urban conference and was so nice to have her join me for this workshop.

She’s been working on a series that includes women in urban spaces. Love the shots she created while in CDMX.

You can see more of her work on Instagram here – @ddeicke.

Marie Keech

Marie was the only attendee to have taken a workshop with me. I believe this was her 6th city she’s explored with me and it was so nice to reconnect since I hadn’t seen her since before covid!

As always, she creates compelling minimalistic, graphic images. This time, solely with her phone camera with shots from the Modern Art Museum and Casa Gilardi. Well done!

See more of her work on her website –

Liz Crane

I also know Liz from the Out of Chicago conferences. It was so nice to finally meet her in person!

She’s sharing some nice framed, layered shots from the Palacio Postal, Former College of San Ildefonso, and Casa Gilardi.

See more of her work on Instagram – @lizcraneart.

Dominic Gidge

Dominic traveled the furthest to join us from Madrid, Spain and was kind enough to lend a hand with translating at a number of locations. So appreciate the help!

He’s sharing some nicely layered, textured takes on the Modern Art Museum, Plaza Carso, and the fountain at the Former College of San Ildefonso.

See more of his work on Instagram – @dominic_gidge.

Neil Corman

Love the almost dreamy takes of Neil’s first two shots at the Anthropology Museum and the very colorful Camino Real Polanco Hotel, which is also ICM. A big thanks to him for the reminder to play around with this technique! My favorite shot of his might be the final shot of the staircase at the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. Great colors and contrast between the leading line of the curvy staircase with the direct, linear perspective of the doorway.

See more of his work on his website –

Pepe Maho

Pepe was relatively local compared to the rest of us – a student in Mexico studying architecture and also very helpful with translating and helping me arrange some details ahead of time. So grateful for the help, Pepe!

Love the angles in the first two shots – curvy at the Modern Art Museum and more angular at the Camino Real Polanco. And the hazy atmospheric mood in his B&W shot at the Former College of San Ildefonso (glad so many attendees liked one of my favorite locations so much too!).

See more of his work on Instagram – @pepemahophoto.

Joan Berler

Joan was another attendee shooting mainly with her phone. She created some great layered shots of Caruso Plaza, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and Palacio Postal. Also, a nice use of symmetry or centeredness to create order and balance in some somewhat busy/chaotic locations.

See more of her work on Facebook.

John Crouch

Last but not least, John joined me from Chicago and was a tremendous help basically running the workshop the last day when I sadly came down with food poisoning.

I’ve known John for nearly 10 years when we met at the very first Out of Chicago Photo Conference. No need for me to break down his work but here are 3 of his shots – loving the layers of cacti against the facade of Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, the leading lines and vibrant colors at the Casa Gilardi. And, the final shot, not made on the workshop but architectural and made the day before of a building outside the place where we caught a hot air balloon ride, very Gregory Crewdson-like.

See more of his work on Instagram – @johncrouch.

Again, an enormous thanks to this incredible group. Both, for making this a fun few days and for being so understanding of my not feeling well on the last day. I hope to see each and everyone of them again and hope you enjoy following their work!



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  1. Fabulous collection of work! I’m always fascinated when so many photographers can view the same thing, and come away with different visions and perspectives! That’s what makes photography fun! Thanks for sharing!

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