Dancing Light – a whimsical way to see light with architecture

Initially, this concept may sound abstract but bear with me for a little while and I’ll try to explain what I mean.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the way light hits moving water and seems to dance across the surface, right? Sort-of what I mean…


Well, light can do the same with architecture. You just need a reflective surface – glass…

Stainless steel works great…

What’s usually happening is that light is bouncing off a neighboring building or another section of itself to cast these irregular, shimmery, movement light reflections that can feel like a dance.


Shadows can do the same thing. From a ceiling light casting a shadow on the ceiling…

…to the simplicity of light bouncing from one building onto the ground creating an interesting pattern.

And, light bouncing from one building onto another with a matte surface. The key here, I think, is a more movement-like shadow.

It can be very abstract in the way the light from one source creates an unusual pattern on a wall.

Intentional Camera Movement

ICM with its inherent motion can also give a similar impression. The key is to use this with something that is reflecting, catching, or emanating light.

Feel free to share any other ideas you may have for this concept in the comments!



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