DeWitt | HGA Milwaukee

hga miwaukee, hga, dewitt madison

I recently spent the day with HGA Milwaukee documenting their renovations to the Madison office of DeWitt Law. Such a great location with incredible views of the Capital Building. And, of course, great design by them, as always!

John A. Paulson Center, NYU | Kieran Timberlake

john a paulson center, nyu, kieran timberlake

Recently I spent a couple of days in NYC. While the majority of the trip was to tour some colleges and explore the city with my daughter, I did stop by a couple of new buildings to grab a few photos. Given she’s considering studying architecture, I think she enjoyed my little “work” detours too;) […]

Student Images – 2024 Mexico City Workshop

Time for a few images from each of the attendees at the CDMX workshop! Always one of my favorite parts of the workshop – showing you all the great work made by everyone in attendance and the varied ways each saw & interpreted the spaces we explored. Lucia Cooper Love the images Lucia is sharing […]

Mexico City 2024 Workshop Recap

Museo de Arte Moderno

The first workshop of 2024 is in the books! And, bonus, it was a new workshop location for me this year. Overall, it was fantastic – great group, weather (maybe a little warm, but manageable), locations, and food (even if, once again, I got food poisoning…sigh). Still, I love this city! Day 1 We started […]

O’Hare Terminal 5 Garage | Clayco

Last week I had the fun of photographing the in-progress shots of O’Hare’s T5 garage for Clayco. I don’t do a lot of construction shoots but they’re always a lot of fun when I do have the opportunity. It’s pretty impressive to see this aspect of what goes into building the structures around us. We […]

Teotihuacán Hot Air Balloons

Teotihuacán hot air balloon ride

I was just in Mexico City for my first workshop of 2024 and had one day to explore some things before the rigorous schedule began. So, we decided 3 hours of sleep after a late night arrival to checkout Teotihuacán via hot air balloons was a wise choice. It was, in fact, well worth the […]

Milwaukee Art Museum | Larry Bell’s Iceberg

larry bell iceberg, milwaukee art museum, santiago calatrava

It’s been about a year since I last visited one of my favorite buildings – The Milwaukee Art Museum. A photographer I know in Milwaukee was posting some pics of this great art installation in the atrium so I figured I should check that out before it’s gone 🙂 The museum is doing winter installations […]

Chiberia 2024, take 2

lake michigan, ice abstracts

Long on my list has been to get some drone shots of the ice patterns on the lake or river. With this cold snap we’re having, I took the opportunity to head over to Navy Pier + the lake near Ohio Street Beach yesterday. The river hadn’t yet frozen over but the lake had some […]

Detroit Book Depository | Gensler Detroit

detroit book depository, gensler detroit

What a great shoot this was! Seeing images of the building before its renovation and having the honor of photographing Gensler’s completed design/renovation of this space was a joy. We scheduled 2 days to shoot with a half-day scout but given the weather not looking so great for the shoot days we jumped right into […]

Using Minimalism/Simplicity In Your Architectural Images

prtizker pavilion, millennium park

Let’s start with definitions of each since they basically go hand in hand/are synonyms of each other. Minimalism is a style in art, architecture, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colors possible, and only very simple shapes or forms. Simplicity is the state of being simple (free from elaboration), uncomplicated, or uncompounded. So, […]