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chicago board of trade, ceres, la salle street

The best cityscapes in New York City

New York City… the city of skyscrapers and many skyline views. It’s a photographer’s dream when it comes to cityscapes! We thought we’d feature some of

The best Chicago rooftops for cityscapes

After sharing our best locations for cityscapes in Chicago, we thought we’d come back with the best rooftop locations. Elevated views are always great and

The best Chicago cityscapes

Chicago is known for its world-class architecture, and rightfully so. But where are the best places to capture views of the city? Let’s share our

The best Toronto cityscapes

The Toronto skyline is pretty easy to recognize, thanks to the CN Tower that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city. Let’s

Old & New In Paris

We’re back with old & new locations around charming Paris. We have a tendency to prefer modern, newer architecture for abstract images, but sometimes those

Institut du Monde Arabe

Photographing the Institut du Monde Arabe

Can you tell we’re excited to be heading to Paris this fall?! Today we’re sharing another great location we’ll be photographing: the Institut du Monde Arabe.

grande arche, la defense

La Défense

If you’re looking for modern architecture in Paris, La Défense is the most concentrated area you’ll find. It’s technically just outside of Paris, west of

Allen Lambert Galleria - Toronto, ON

The Allen Lambert Galleria in Toronto

Toronto has a little-known gem in its financial district: the Allen Lambert Galleria by Santiago Calatrava. The Galleria links the two towers of Brookfield Place with

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