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burberry michigan avenue

Madison Plaza

I debated writing up a post from my outing on Friday since it was a pretty underwhelming day. Once again, I haven’t been out in

from the 'l' book, chicago 'l', cta, chicago transit authority

From the 'L' – a book

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I finished my From the ‘L’ series earlier this year. This is the first full

mca, johnston marklee

From the 'L': Pink Line

The final line of the series! Of all the lines, only the yellow and pink were lines I had never ridden on prior to starting

mca, josef paul kleihues

From the 'L': Purple Line

Finally a sunny Tuesday! I am all too familiar with the Tuesday weather pattern since it’s my only guaranteed day for some photography. And after

chicago loop

Nature & Man

Occasionally I develop a new series of images from recognizing a certain pattern in my photography that is entirely unplanned. A certain subject matter that

chicago transit authority, chicago red line, cta, aragon ballroom

From the 'L': Red Line

If you saw yesterday’s post you know I covered both the red and yellow lines of the ‘L’. I’ve probably traveled the red line more

From the 'L': Yellow Line

Here it is…another Tuesday, another gray day. At least the ‘L’ images all have a consistent feel, right? Today was frigid so I took advantage

chicago transit authority, chicago blue line, cta

From the 'L': Blue Line Edition

Another dull, gray winter day in Chicago…and a good day to get back to working on my ‘L’ series. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve

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