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berlin, wisconsin, riverside park

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I don’t often get back to my hometown of Berlin, I’m mainly there for holidays with family, and if I didn’t still have family there

chase tower chicago

Looking Up

Looking Up is another series I’ve been working on for a few months. There is so much amazing architecture in this city and most Chicagoans

Urban Dialogue: Before & After

I’m excited to be sharing an update on the series Bridgette and I are collaborating on. She recently finished two more pieces which we submitted

palmer house hilton

Urban Dialogue: Don't Disappear

This is the first time I’ve collaborated with another artist and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with a neighbor, friend, fellow mother

hyatt center chicago

Things We Used to See…further explored

I think what interests me about streetlamps as a photographic subject is their simplistic, modest form, their necessity, yet how generally overlooked they are. They

chicago parking garage

The Things We Used To See

If you’ve read my blog or know me personally you know I struggle ever so much with finding a direction for my work. There’s a

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