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Tempe Center for the Arts

My final photographic stop while I was in the Phoenix area was the Tempe Center for the Arts. The roof-line of the building immediately caught

Arizona State University (ASU)

The next stop on our brief trip to the Phoenix area was Arizona State University (ASU). There were a couple of interesting buildings on the

Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix, Arizona

Burton Barr Central Library

I’m finally getting around to editing and sharing some images from my recent trip to the Phoenix, AZ area. First, the reason for my trip

los angeles

The Spectacular Griffith Observatory

Ah…the last stop of my photographic day in Los Angeles was the Griffith Observatory. Such spectacular views, day and night. I almost bailed on this

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry

Revisiting the Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, designed by the incomparable Frank Gehry, is quite possibly my favorite building. At least that I’ve

four arches alexander calder

Calder's Four Arches

Alexander Calder‘s sculptures are distinct and quite easy to spot with his signature Calder Red and massive steel arches. His Four Arches sculpture in Los

los angeles county hall of records

Los Angeles Wandering's

While I was in Los Angeles last week I had a whole list of buildings and locations I wanted to photograph. This is very contrary

the broad museum

The Broad

The kids and I were lucky enough to tag along on Brady’s business trip to the Los Angeles area for a late spring break trip

arc de triomphe, paris, sunset


Ah, the last Paris post. I’m only going to share one last photo. Quite possibly my favorite from the trip, though there’s nothing about this

la defense, paris

La Défense

The second to last post…we’re almost through all the favorites of Paris! If you’re not familiar with this area, La Defense is the major business

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