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Architectural Details of Paris

Now that we’re firmly in the architectural posts from Paris, here are some architectural details throughout the city that just don’t fit into the more

Opera national de Paris

Ceilings of Paris

Since we’re on the architectural theme, another subject I tend to be drawn to are ceilings and interesting ceiling lights. Once again, Paris does not

pantheon paris

Stairways of Paris

Yesterday I dedicated a whole post to that phenomenal staircase under the Louvre Pyramid. Today, let’s visit some of the many other exceptionally designed stairways

louvre, paris, louvre pyramid

Louvre Stairway

One more post solely dedicated to a specific architectural subject. That amazing staircase under the Louvre Pyramid! Seriously, I could have spent a good hour

eiffel tower, paris

Eiffel Tower

Moving back to the architecture I more commonly photograph and dedicating this post to the most iconic structure in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. There are

From the Trains of Paris

Some of you may be familiar with my From the ‘L’ Series, where I photographed Chicago from its various train lines, riding each from one

The Streets of Paris

I’m no street photographer so any attempt at making street images is sure to involve some form of transportation, architecture and maybe some reflections for

Reflections of Paris

Moving along with all the Paris images and sharing one of my favorite ways to photograph anything….reflections! There’s something that makes even the mundane in

Postcards From Paris

Late this summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime, I was hired to spend 10 days in Paris photographing this amazing city to create

Guggenheim Museum

After far too many years without a visit to New York City I had a chance to take a quick trip there this last weekend.

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