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John McAslan + Partners (JMP) , king's cross station, london

King's Cross Station | London

Still more great architecture in London with the King’s Cross Station. They also had an enormous selection of Turkish Delight, yum! Back to the architecture

wellcome collection, hopkins architects

Wellcome Collection | London

  This next location might have been the hardest to narrow down photos from. Anytime there’s a spiral staircase involved it gets difficult, lol. There

61 oxford street, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

61 Oxford Street | London

A definite favorite stop in London was the flagship Zara store on Oxford & Soho. Its curvy, glassy facade makes for some really interesting reflections

london eye

Fun with the London Eye

While checking out cityscape locations for the upcoming London workshop I decided to have a little fun playing around with intentional camera movement while photographing


Series Additions | Cloudscrapers

There are a few series I’m continuously working on, with Cloudscapers being one of them. Oftentimes these ideas are in the back of my mind

Paternoster Vents | London

Sculptures are often some of my favorite photographic subjects. The Paternoster Vents in London are both sculptural and functional…even better, right!? Heatherwick Studios is the

St Paul's Cathedral | London

  An unexpected favorite stop in London was St. Paul’s Cathedral. Old churches like this are usually very beautiful and St. Paul’s was no exception.

guy's hospital london

Guy's Hospital | London

The tour of London continues. Today I’m sharing a few abstracts from Guy’s Hospital. As is common in London, the gray skies continued. Sunshine would

us embassy london

Abstracting the US Embassy | London

An unexpected favorite in London was the US Embassy, and surprisingly, security didn’t have issues with photographing the building despite questioning. Definitely thought we’d get

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