Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | Yousef Abdelky

One more post from the delegation trip with Merdian International and the UAE Embassy. Moving on from the contemporary architecture to a more traditional design in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Yousef Abdelky. It may appear traditional, yet was completed in 2007. Construction began in 1996. Given its size, you can understand the length […]

UAE Delegation | Abu Dahbi, Masdar City, Al Ain

Onto the final half of the delegation trip and the amazing architecture of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City and Al Ain! Another good mix of some more historic sites along with the locations we’d expect from these areas, particularly Abu Dhabi. Settle in, you’re in for another long post 🙂 After our last day in Dubai, […]

Urban Quilt | UAE

On my bucket list for quite some time now has been the United Arab Emirates. If you’ve ever seen photos of the architecture in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you know why. So, when I received an email from Meridian International, a US NGO that works on cultural exchanges, I was excited, though a bit skeptical. […]