Andersonville…pick 11 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

andersonville chicago

For the last couple of months we’ve been driving through Andersonville on our way home from swim lessons and I keep thinking it’s such a cute neighborhood, well, tonight we finally decided to walk around and get dinner at Hamburger Mary’s after lessons. The burgers were great and I was so, so tempted to get […]

Beachtime! Pick 10 of our 52 adventures in Chicago


I finally made it to the beach in Chicago! After a collective 9 years here this is the very first time I’ve ever been to the beach just to hang out in the sand and water. Sure, I’ve walked and biked the paths and seen the Air & Water show but with the help of […]

Hyde Park…pick 9 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

robie house chicago

It seems festival season is upon on so I thought we’d take the opportunity to check out the 57th Street Art Fair which is in Hyde Park. I’ve never really wandered around Hyde Park, I think the only time I’ve been in the area has been to go to the Museum of Science & Industry […]

Garfield Park Conservatory…pick 8 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

garfield park conservatory chicago

After skipping a week because of some craziness around here we finally got back to our adventure this week. Our pick was the Garfield Park Conservatory. I haven’t been here in close to 10 years! The last time I was in here there were many Chihuly sculptures throughout the conservatory. I was pleasantly surprised to […]

The Blues…pick 7 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

May is Blues Season in Chicago, the city gets things rolling this month as a warmup to the Chicago Blues Fest (June 8-10) with all sorts of free concerts and events throughout the city. On Tuesdays the Cultural Center hosts a Blues Lunch Break Series. I headed to Millennium Park with the kids to grab […]

Leisurely Lakeview…pick 6 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

chicago lakefront, chicago skyline, lake michigan chicago

When we picked this card I was quite curious how they were going to breakdown Lakeview considering it’s one of the larger neighborhoods in Chicago, with many sub-neighborhoods. I was quite happy with their leisurely take on the diverse neighborhood. The first suggestion is to take a walk or bike ride along the path at […]

Under the Sea…pick 5 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

shedd aquarium chicago

This week was a bit of a cheat…since we’ve had rain every day this week and based on the forecast it was supposed to rain today too, of course, it turned out to be a gorgeous day. Still, I stuck with our cheat since Avery had her heart set on our destination…the Shedd Aquarium. We […]

Historical Neighborhoods…pick 4 of our 52 Adventures in Chicago!

The Historical Neighborhoods card was drawn this week. This card specifies the Sheffield Historic District, which falls between Fullerton, Halsted, Armitage & Racine. Though I’ve been in this neighborhood many times, mostly on the main streets mentioned above, I’ve never really walked along the side streets within this area. Wow! Simply stunning homes and architecture! […]

Artist Retreat…pick 3 of our 52 Adventures in Chicago

tree studios chicago

  Avery drew the Arts & Crafts card this week. At first I thought this was going to be some crafty outing but once I flipped the card over and read about Tree Studios I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tree Studios was built in 1894 by Judge Lambert Tree so Chicago artists had an […]

Let's go shopping!…pick 2 of our 52 Adventures in Chicago

prada chicago, gold coast chicago

Avery drew the Oak Street Boutiques card! Well, this would be exciting if I had endless money to spend and no kids with me! Anyone want to fund a shopping spree? This stretch of boutiques is only 1 block long which is plenty long given the damage that could easily be done in just one […]