ICM – Aqua & Lake Michigan

Last week I spent a few hours exploring Aqua (for about the millionth time, lol) and Lake Michigan. The impetus was for a potential project with one of my art consultants and needing some intentional camera movement (ICM) shots of the two areas. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any of Aqua. So, why not?! A fun […]

Architect Spotlight | Studio Gang, Chicago

We’re starting a new feature on the blog where we plan to spotlight a specific architect and various building’s they’ve designed. Whether in one city, like today’s post, or various cities. We thought Chicago would be a good place to start, as well as featuring a Chicago-based firm, Studio Gang Architects. Certainly one of our […]

Dichotomous Aqua

In my last post from the 2018 OOC Conference I mentioned I’d be sharing a separate post with some images from Aqua. I’ve photographed this building dozens of times, it’s certainly a Chicago favorite, especially for abstracts. Most often I prefer to photograph this building with a telephoto lens, it is a skyscraper after-all (the […]

Aqua Revisited + Photographing Under Various Conditions

aqua, studio gang architects

A few weeks ago I taught a one-on-one workshop focusing on architectural details and abstracts. He had been focused on that great light we all love in the early morning and late afternoon, but found himself missing a big portion of the day and struggling with how to best utilize that midday light. So many […]

New Images – Cloudscrapers

Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one photowalk with a woman that wanted a little guidance on some technical aspects, as well as compositional elements, of architectural photography. We had such a great couple of hours together and I think we both learned a few things! One of the benefits of teaching…it never […]

Aqua Abstracts

aqua, studio gang

After Saturday’s Out of Chicago Photography conference sessions wrapped up there was a little bit of light left so I decided to get those abstract shots of the Radisson Blu Aqua building I’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time. I rented the telephoto 70-200mm lens knowing my usual 24-70mm just isn’t long […]