Two Great Architectural Locations in Oklahoma City

Around the holidays, we took a road trip from Chicago to Phoenix. While it was mostly vacation and landscapes, we couldn’t resist checking out a few architectural locations on the way. One of the cities we stopped in was Oklahoma City and we found two locations with great modern architecture: the Scissortail Bridge and the […]

Using Negative Space in your Architectural Compositions

lake point tower

When photographing architecture, you’re often presented with two choices: fill the frame with your subject or leave some breathing space around it. The latter is called negative space and can be a great tool for your compositions. Filling the frame creates a busy composition, often resulting in dramatic, intense, sometimes overwhelming images. Leaving some negative […]

Historic Architecture at the Panthéon in Paris

chicago transit authority, chicago blue line, cta

The Panthéon is one of the locations we photograph during our Paris workshop. It was originally built in 1790 as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, but it now is a mausoleum containing the remains of distinguished French citizens. Its neoclassic architecture is beautiful to photograph and it’s worth visiting even if you’re not a photographer. […]

2018 South Michigan Avenue Interiors Photowalk Recap

Last November, we hosted our second photowalk around South Michigan Avenue, so it’s time for a recap! We had decided to focus on interior locations, which was good since winter came to Chicago early! There are a lot of great indoor locations around South Michigan Avenue if you know where to find them! We started […]

Using the transform tool to straighten verticals in architectural images

cta, chicago transit authority, chicago green line, chicago skyline

If you like taking photos of architecture and cityscapes, you’ve probably noticed that if you angle your camera up or down, the vertical lines of buildings tend to converge. Sometimes (not always), we want them to stay straight. And if you don’t have a tilt-shift lens, then you need to do that in post-processing. Here’s […]

Aqua – Another Visit

I just can’t seem to stop visiting Aqua lately! This time it was to meet up with some friends and fellow photographers. I rarely visit the same building this frequently in such a short span of time but it is one of Chicago’s best. Each time I go I think I’ve seen it all the […]

New Images – Cloudscrapers

Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one photowalk with a woman that wanted a little guidance on some technical aspects, as well as compositional elements, of architectural photography. We had such a great couple of hours together and I think we both learned a few things! One of the benefits of teaching…it never […]

Aqua Abstracts

aqua, studio gang

After Saturday’s Out of Chicago Photography conference sessions wrapped up there was a little bit of light left so I decided to get those abstract shots of the Radisson Blu Aqua building I’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time. I rented the telephoto 70-200mm lens knowing my usual 24-70mm just isn’t long […]

Stir Desk Shoot

wks boathouse clark park

I was recently commissioned for a very cool, kinda crazy, commercial shoot for Stir. They wanted their desk to tour some of Chicago’s key architectural locations leading up to NeoCon 2015 for a web-based campaign. Their desk has a very sleek, minimalistic design and fits quite well with the architecture we visited.  It has an […]

Vanishing Point in SHOTS Magazine, no. 128

I’m overjoyed to share that my image, Vanishing Point, from the White City series has been published in the most recent issue of SHOTS Magazine!!! This magazine continuously publishes images from exceptional photographers and to be included with some of my favorite artists is beyond thrilling! Thank you for sharing in my excitement!!!