The Many Ways To Photograph Staircases

pantheon, paris

Staircases are always a favorite architectural subject. Especially those spiral staircases. So, let’s dive right in with examples on how to approach photographing various types of staircases, starting with everyone’s favorite style. One of my recent favorites to photograph, and one I wish I would have had more time with and ability to explore, is […]

How to Use Overcast Skies to Your Advantage

chrysler building, art deco

We’re in the throes of winter which means lots of overcast, gray skies. It can make for some serious lack of motivation but it might be a new way to push yourself photographically. Sure, it’s easy to get excited by great light and get great photos when you have sunshine, but the softbox type of […]

Telling a Story Through Varying Perspectives

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry, la philharmonic

There are many ways to approach architectural subjects. What you want to say to the viewer will help dictate how to photograph each location. Admittedly, I have a hard time shooting from a wider perspective. I’m just naturally drawn to the details and creating abstracts or trying to make the space look like something else […]

Architecture Photography Intro – gear, settings, tips

urban quilt

So…I typically despise talking about photo gear and settings and anything at-all related to the technical side of photography. Partially because I find it dreadfully boring and partially because I’m really not that good at it. Don’t get me wrong, I know what I need to accomplish what I want, though I should probably experiment […]