2018 South Michigan Avenue Interiors Photowalk Recap

Last November, we hosted our second photowalk around South Michigan Avenue, so it’s time for a recap! We had decided to focus on interior locations, which was good since winter came to Chicago early! There are a lot of great indoor locations around South Michigan Avenue if you know where to find them! We started […]

Staircases of the Art Institute

art institue of chicago spiral staircase

Staircases seemed to be the theme of the day while out shooting with fellow photgrapher and editor of the blog Out of Chicago. My favorites, by far, were the shots of the spiral staircase at the Art Institute, which I never even knew existed until Tuesday. Crazy since I’ve been in the AI many times.  […]

Inspired Art…pick 17 or our 52 adventures in Chicago!

buckingham fountain, grant park, chicago skyline

What a great summer night for a girls night out with my very own little girl! We wandered around the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute, which I’ve been wanting to get to since it first debuted months ago, and here we are finally making it on it’s closing weekend! Lucky for us, the museum […]