Chicago Commission

the avenir

I was recently commissioned to shoot 12 properties around Chicago for a real estate compliance company. They were looking for detailed/abstracted takes on their properties for marketing purposes. Always fun when my typical approach to shooting architecture is appreciated by companies like this. And a fun opportunity to shoot some buildings I may not have […]

Downtown Wanderings

Last Friday we finally had some sunshine, along with some pretty cold temps, which seems unavoidable in the winter. Oh well, despite the cold, I think I finally have a little project idea in mind. I need sunshine and clear skies so I had to take advantage of the right conditions. I’m not going to […]

Carbide and Carbon Building

carbide and carbon building, art deco chicago

On this freezing cold day, I decided to continue the procrastination on something I’ve been meaning to do for years and is especially top of mind lately. Why? A couple of reasons – this thing is new, I don’t entirely know where or how to begin, and we had sun for the first time in […]

Cloudscrapers – New Addition

Okay, I lied…one last post from last Sunday’s photowalk. I mentioned how much I enjoyed photographing the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower a couple posts ago. Well, I lucked out with some good clouds and reflections in that very building, a nice little addition to the Cloudscapers series! This one’s titled Entangled.

New Images – Cloudscrapers

Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one photowalk with a woman that wanted a little guidance on some technical aspects, as well as compositional elements, of architectural photography. We had such a great couple of hours together and I think we both learned a few things! One of the benefits of teaching…it never […]

Le Méridien Etoile Update

Remember that Paris photo project I was lucky enough to work on last summer?! A wonderful photographic journey through Paris to create artwork for the Le Méridien Etoile remodel, their flagship Le Méridien. They specifically wanted me to create images for the hotel’s corridors and possibly the guestrooms. Well, things are starting to come together! While the […]

Vanishing Point in SHOTS Magazine, no. 128

I’m overjoyed to share that my image, Vanishing Point, from the White City series has been published in the most recent issue of SHOTS Magazine!!! This magazine continuously publishes images from exceptional photographers and to be included with some of my favorite artists is beyond thrilling! Thank you for sharing in my excitement!!!

Honorable Mentions: PX3 2015 Awards

2015 px3 awards

It’s quite an honor to share my two Honorable Mentions in the 2015 Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) Awards! A little surprisingly for the color work I submitted. My Harmonic series from my first visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles last year was one HM. And the other was Urban Canyon, […]


A couple weeks ago I was in the loop for a short time trying to figure out what to photograph for the day. I normally go into a day of shooting with a plan of attack but my morning was spent taking head shots for everyone in Brady’s office so I didn’t actually think I […]

Interview with Take & Talk Pics

art institute of chicago

“IT IS ONLY BY SELECTION, BY ELIMINATION, AND BY EMPHASIS THAT WE GET AT THE REAL MEANING OF THINGS.” – GEORGIA O’KEEFFE Just thought I’d share the link to a recent interview I had with Take & Talk Pics. A big thank you to Rob Krueger for having me and asking some great questions! Definitely […]