Dying of the Chicago River – St Patrick's Day

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The city of Chicago surprised us over the weekend dying the river green! Like last year, they had planned to cancel this annual St Patrick’s Day tradition because of Covid. So, this was a fun surprise on a very beautiful day. In the 21 years I’ve lived here I’ve never photographed this so I decided […]

Lakeshore Drive Bridge – How to get different moods for cityscapes

Time of day is a key element of shooting cityscapes. While you can definitely get great cityscapes in the middle of the day, my favorite time to shoot cityscapes is around sunrise or sunset. The light is softer and the city looks more interesting. Let’s see the different types of light you can get early […]

London House Chicago

A couple weekends ago I had a little staycation at the London House Chicago…I’ve been wanting to checkout the hotel and the rooftop views for a couple months now so I’m glad I finally managed a stop by. First, the hotel is amazing! Beautifully decorated and the views….wow! Perfect! The weather wasn’t all that stellar […]

Spring Bridge Lifts

chicago skyline, chicago river, chicago bridge lifts

Chicago is finally experiencing some spring weather and seeing the boats head out to the lake is a reassuring sign that maybe this warm weather is here to stay! Yesterday was beautiful and a morning along the Chicago River was the perfect way to start the day. I wasn’t able to stay for all the […]

Summertime is Here!

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Despite this cold, gray and rainy Chicago day, when you see the bridges lift and the sailboats headed for the lake you know summer has to be right around the corner. This morning I met up with some fellow Chicago photogs to catch some shots of the bridges lifting along the Chicago River. After braving […]

2012 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

nuveen chicago

I have been wanting to do one of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalks for a few years now but for some reason I’ve always had something else going on the weekend these take place. This year I finally made it out for a walk only to have it rain, sometimes a sprinkle but for the most […]