Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum | Cleveland

rock and roll hall of fame, i.m. pei, cleveland architecture

My last photo stop in Cleveland was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I almost completely forgot it was here! I think I remembered the night before leaving for the trip. I don’t even know how this didn’t come up in my research. Perhaps I need to rethink my researching techniques, lol. Anyway, […]

Old & New In Cleveland

the arcade cleveland

For my second Cleveland post I’m going to share a few locations I had planned and a few I randomly came across while there + a mix of old and new. Quite possibly my favorite type of contrast. Bonus if it’s within the same shot, if not, I still like the contrast of pairing the […]

Cleveland Architecture – Peter B. Lewis Building

peter b lewis building, cleveland architecture, abstract architecture

It’s been over a year since I’ve traveled anywhere to make photos. So, I decided it was time for a little roadtrip. The impetus for it was an exhibit at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh for a Luftwerk installation. Hands down this is the craziest museum I’ve ever been to! Some exceptional artists and […]