Two New Chicago Sculptures – “Constellation” & “Atmospheric Wave Wall”

It’s no mystery that I love photographing sculptures and include them in the realm of architectural photography. Sometimes designed by architects, sometimes artists. Though I consider many architects artists as well. Our first new Chicago sculpture is certainly designed by an architect I’d consider an artist, Santiago Calatrava, and his sculpture Constellation. Even his buildings […]

"Constellation" in the Snow

Constellation, Santiago Calatrava, River Point Chicago

And, I’m back for more shots of Calatrava’s Constellation sculpture at River Point Park. You’re all gonna get sick of me constantly shooting this, lol. But I couldn’t resist the bright red against the snow and the snow on its “feathers”. I stopped by last Thursday, but given my schedule and the sun deciding to […]

Constellation, Take I by Santiago Calatrava

Chicago is finally getting a little something by Santiago Calatrava! For a long time, the closest piece of architecture we’ve had from him is the Milwaukee Art Museum, which, of course, is one of his best! While not nearly close to this scale, we’re having a sculpture titled Constellation installed at River Point Park. I […]