From the 'L': Yellow Line

Here it is…another Tuesday, another gray day. At least the ‘L’ images all have a consistent feel, right? Today was frigid so I took advantage of the (somewhat) warmth of the train and traveled along the entire red line as well as the yellow line. To get to the very short yellow line, which takes […]

From the 'L': Blue Line Edition

chicago transit authority, chicago blue line, cta

Another dull, gray winter day in Chicago…and a good day to get back to working on my ‘L’ series. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve worked on this series and after today’s trip on the blue line I’m about halfway done. I’m hoping to finish the series in the next few weeks so be prepared […]

From the 'L': Green Line Edition, Part II

After missing my shooting opportunity last week, because my little guy was sick, I made up for it with a ride on the green line today. I rode the whole line, heading west first and then south down to Ashland & 63rd. On the ride south I had the chance to chat with Marie, she’s […]

From the 'L': Orange Line Edition, Part I

chicago transit authority, chicago orange line, cta

Finally a sunny day for some photos! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rain, but I’m getting a little bored with the dull gray skies of my last few photo outings. I’d rather see some stormy clouds if it’s going to rain. So, today I rode the orange line to Midway and back. I […]

From the 'L': Green Line Edition, Part I

chicago transit authority, cta, chicago green line

After far too many weeks of not shooting a single thing for a few of my series I’m working on, I finally got out today to do some shooting! Every fall I seem to make these resolutions about what I want to accomplish; there seems to be this internal clock that is triggered at this […]

From the 'L': Brown Line edition, Part I

palmer house hilton

A few weekends ago I took the train downtown to do some shooting. One of those glorious mornings completely alone! I ended up on the first car of the train and decided I might as well take some shots of the city through the train. I thought it might be an interesting perspective and, sure […]