Chicago Union Station

chicago union station

Typically we share modern architecture as it’s far more conducive to creating abstracts than the more historic architecture. But, today, let’s take a look at Chicago’s Union Station which recently underwent restoration by Goettsch Partners. They did an amazing job! Union Station was originally designed by Daniel Burnham as part of his 1909 Plan of […]

Leaves Hung In The Stillness

Today marks the death of Daniel Burnham (June 1, 1912), mastermind behind the 1893 World’s Fair and pioneer in urban planning. If it weren’t for his vision of what a city could be who knows if Chicago, or other urban environments, would have evolved to be what they are today…lively areas full of beautiful parks, […]

Attempted Rookery

the rookery, frank lloyd wright, burnham and root

After many, many weeks of trying to find time to make it to the Wednesday Rookery tour all the pieces finally seemed to fall into place today…I managed to get a sitter for my youngest, nobody got sick at the last minute and I didn’t have any obligations elsewhere…but it seems the universe had different […]