Design project for St Regis

Over the last year, I’ve been working with the St Regis brand to create images for design inspiration. A bit of a mix of my fine art style + the more documentary type of commercial work. However, with a stronger focus on details of both architectural elements and landscapes. Fun and a bit nerve-racking to […]

Using Shadows to Enhance Your Architectural Images

sfmoma, Mario Botta

One of my favorite architectural subjects is shadows. Of course, you need some source of light. The sun being the most obvious, but artificial light works too. Just keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities. Let’s dive into a few ways to incorporate shadows into your architectural shots. Shadows as the main subject In these […]

Honorable Mentions: PX3 2015 Awards

2015 px3 awards

It’s quite an honor to share my two Honorable Mentions in the 2015 Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) Awards! A little surprisingly for the color work I submitted. My Harmonic series from my first visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles last year was one HM. And the other was Urban Canyon, […]


A couple weeks ago I was in the loop for a short time trying to figure out what to photograph for the day. I normally go into a day of shooting with a plan of attack but my morning was spent taking head shots for everyone in Brady’s office so I didn’t actually think I […]

Interview with Take & Talk Pics

art institute of chicago

“IT IS ONLY BY SELECTION, BY ELIMINATION, AND BY EMPHASIS THAT WE GET AT THE REAL MEANING OF THINGS.” – GEORGIA O’KEEFFE Just thought I’d share the link to a recent interview I had with Take & Talk Pics. A big thank you to Rob Krueger for having me and asking some great questions! Definitely […]

Group Exhibition – Humans vs Nature, F-Stop Magazine Issue #71

I’m excited to announce three images from my Nature and Man series are part of F-Stop Magazine’s Humans vs Nature Group Exhibition in Issue #71! This is a series I’m continually working on, generally not images I’m seeking out but images that I happen to come across when I’m out photographing other architectural subjects. One […]

Limo Tour with Out of Chicago Photography

house of blues foundation room

Despite last night’s dismal weather, rain, wind and way-too-cold temps for the end of May, Out of Chicago Photography had a fun limo tour. We were lucky enough to start the night in the House of Blue’s Foundation Room which is a private, members-only club full of lavish decor. The walls are covered in this […]

Deloitte – Chicago

Deloitte Chicago

I was in the loop this morning taking head shots of a few people from Brady’s office, not something I do very often, and then had about an hour to kill before I had to get back home.  I didn’t have any grand plans, but he’s about a block north of the Deloitte building which always […]

The Spectacular Griffith Observatory

los angeles

Ah…the last stop of my photographic day in Los Angeles was the Griffith Observatory. Such spectacular views, day and night. I almost bailed on this stop because as I was driving downtown I realized I completely forgot my tripod back in Chicago. Guess that’s what happens when you never use a tripod and haven’t photographed […]

Honorable Mention: PX3 White Competition

px3 white competition winners

I just learned I was awarded Honorable Mention in the Prix De La Photographie Paris (PX3) White Competition. It’s alway such and honor and thrill to receive recognition for my work! There were so many fantastic images and series chosen, both the top three winners and the honorable mentions. Be sure to take some time to browse through […]