Fallingwater | Frank Lloyd Wright

fallingwater, frank lloyd wright

Fallingwater seems to be a pilgrimage type of site for anyone interested in architecture. So, on a recent trip to Pittsburgh I figured I should make the nearby drive to finally checkout Fallingwater. Other than FLW’s Guggenheim, this is my favorite design of his I’ve seen to date. The location is so beautiful and peaceful. […]

Taliesin West | Frank Lloyd Wright

Last weekend I visited Taliesin West for the first time despite a few trips to the Phoenix area. I’ll certainly be lambasted by architecture fans out there but I’m not the biggest fan of FLW. He’s certainly a genius in his approach to design and quite prolific, which I can appreciate. However, I have a […]

Rookery Staircase

rookery chicago

One of the most exciting photowalks of this year’s Out of Chicago Photo Conference (OOC) was to the Rookery. Notoriously off-limits in terms of photography, at least the beloved staircase. OOC was given permission to lead photowalks in the building, including full access to the staircase! The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation leads tours on weekdays […]

Guggenheim Curves & Angles

guggenheim museum, frank lloyd wright, new york city

After the New York City workshop in May, I spent some time wandering around the city being a tourist – visiting One World Trade Center Observatory and wandering through Greenwich Village and Central Park. The final stop I made before flying back home was the Guggenheim Museum. The main point to my visit was to […]

The Rookery Tour

the rookery, frank lloyd wright, burnham and root ,oriole staircase

After last week’s failed attempt to do the full Wednesday Rookery Tour, I had a chance to visit again this week. Luckily the tour took place and I managed to get a few images. Although the main purpose in doing the tour was to see the library for my The White City series, of course […]

Attempted Rookery

the rookery, frank lloyd wright, burnham and root

After many, many weeks of trying to find time to make it to the Wednesday Rookery tour all the pieces finally seemed to fall into place today…I managed to get a sitter for my youngest, nobody got sick at the last minute and I didn’t have any obligations elsewhere…but it seems the universe had different […]

Guggenheim Museum

After far too many years without a visit to New York City I had a chance to take a quick trip there this last weekend. I had the perfect excuse with one of my ‘L’ images being part of a group exhibition through the New York Center for Photographic Art at gallery Site 109 Friday […]

A Little Tour Down La Salle Street

After a number of weeks not getting out to shoot, I took a little trip down La Salle Street today. I’ve never really shot the Chicago Board of Trade and it really is a stunning building, perfectly centered at the south end of La Salle, which to me is one canyon of a street, it’s […]

Hyde Park…pick 9 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

robie house chicago

It seems festival season is upon on so I thought we’d take the opportunity to check out the 57th Street Art Fair which is in Hyde Park. I’ve never really wandered around Hyde Park, I think the only time I’ve been in the area has been to go to the Museum of Science & Industry […]