“Sphere”, San Francisco

Sphere, Hyatt Regency San Francisco , charles o. perry

Sculptures are one of my favorite photographic subjects. Especially those that have great curves. Throw in some cool lighting and there are endless opportunities. You can imagine my thrill when I stumbled upon Sphere by Charles O. Perry in the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. It’s a 40-foot high geodesic sphere consisting of 1,400 pieces of […]

Incorporating Motion Into Your Architectural Photos

new york city skyline

In line with this month’s theme, I thought I’d dive into a few examples on how to incorporate motion into your architectural images – whether cityscapes or more abstract interpretations. The motion of traffic is probably one of the first things to come to mind. Shooting at night makes this pretty straightforward as you inherently […]

ICM – Aqua & Lake Michigan

Last week I spent a few hours exploring Aqua (for about the millionth time, lol) and Lake Michigan. The impetus was for a potential project with one of my art consultants and needing some intentional camera movement (ICM) shots of the two areas. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any of Aqua. So, why not?! A fun […]

City Nights Photowalk with Chicago Photography Classes – October

chicago theater

  Time for the other City Nights photowalk I led with RS Chicago Photography Classes. This time we did a loop around The Loop 😉 We met and began at the Calder Flaminto. Hard to believe, but I’ve never shot this at night. Although, I don’t shoot at night very often in general. Might be […]

Fun with the London Eye

london eye

While checking out cityscape locations for the upcoming London workshop I decided to have a little fun playing around with intentional camera movement while photographing the London Eye. Mostly zooming my lens in or out during a long exposure to get these squiggly lines. The color shots are fun but couldn’t resist a couple black […]

Intentional Camera Movement | Toronto

I led a workshop in Toronto not too long ago and I’ll be sharing a series of posts breaking down some different locations from that weekend. I’ll start things off with a fun technique we teach but often forget to do while out shooting, intentional camera movement! This can be done many ways…zooming your lens […]