Chiberia 2024, take 2

lake michigan, ice abstracts

Long on my list has been to get some drone shots of the ice patterns on the lake or river. With this cold snap we’re having, I took the opportunity to head over to Navy Pier + the lake near Ohio Street Beach yesterday. The river hadn’t yet frozen over but the lake had some […]

Springtime Skyline

chicago skyline, chicago gold coast

It appears springtime has finally arrived here in Chicago and it’s about time! I strolled along the lakefront from Chicago Ave to North Ave Beach on a warm spring day…it was so nice, I really should do this more often!

Beachtime! Pick 10 of our 52 adventures in Chicago


I finally made it to the beach in Chicago! After a collective 9 years here this is the very first time I’ve ever been to the beach just to hang out in the sand and water. Sure, I’ve walked and biked the paths and seen the Air & Water show but with the help of […]