Great Architecture in the Miami Design District

One of the highlights of our upcoming Miami workshop is definitely the Miami Design District. Located north of the city center, it’s an outdoor shopping center with luxury brands. What makes it unique is the care that was given to the design and architecture of most of the buildings and store in the district. It […]

Student Images from our 2019 Miami Workshop

Last month, we shared our images from the Miami Workshop. Today, we wanted to share our students’ images. After each workshop, we do a critique session, and we’re always amazed at some of the images our students get: angles we’ve never thought about, buildings they saw across the street, etc. So we ask them to […]

South Beach, Miami

south beach miami

This last weekend I got away for a much needed girls weekend with two of my best friends, who I haven’t seen in way too many years! Nothing like getting a break from all reality for a couple days and reconnecting with friends to recharge. With all the girl time by the pool and those […]