Private Workshop Recap: Chicago Staircases

My most recent 1on1 workshop took us to a couple locations I love in Chicago: the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and the Art Institute of Chicago (AI). Both have some of the best staircases in the city! First up, the MCA and its two staircases. The original was designed by Josef Paul Kleihaus, a […]

MCA Redesign/Staircase

Last month I finally managed to stop by the Johnston Marklee redesign of the Museum of Contemporary Art. I especially love the new staircase which pays tribute to the original staircase designed by Joseph Paul Kleihues. I started shooting from the top looking down. For the next three, I focused on the ceiling arches at […]

Geometric Mood

museum of contemporary art chicago, mca

After a freezing cold walk along the river and Michigan Avenue I decided I needed to head indoors. Given my little outing was on a Tuesday, and Tuesday’s are free at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) to Chicago residents, this was a perfect destination. It hasn’t been too long since my last visit to […]

An Afternoon of Abstracts

burberry chicago

The anxiety has been settling in from the lack of photography being made lately or the poor photography that has been of the last couple weeks, not even one shot worth posting anywhere. Today a little inspiration was in order; first a stop by the Catherine Edelman gallery to check out an exhibition of Michael […]

A View From Above & (a couple) Abstractions

My plan for today was to be a slacker with my photography and get caught up on errands and shhh, maybe see a movie;) But after a motivating conversation with an artist friend last night and then a last minute text from another photographer (thanks guys:)), it seemed the universe was pushing me to get […]