Taking Advantage of Gray Skies

via 57, BIG

It seems winter is upon us, which means many days of gray, gloomy skies. An easy excuse to put the camera away and avoid shooting. While it may be a bit more limiting to photograph with those whiteout, dull skies, they can have their advantages. Mainly, they’re a great use of negative space, nice even […]

Using Negative Space in your Architectural Compositions

lake point tower

When photographing architecture, you’re often presented with two choices: fill the frame with your subject or leave some breathing space around it. The latter is called negative space and can be a great tool for your compositions. Filling the frame creates a busy composition, often resulting in dramatic, intense, sometimes overwhelming images. Leaving some negative […]

Using isolation to compose architectural images

geisel library

“The art of photography is about directing the attention of the viewer.” – Steven Pinker Composition is probably the most important element of creating an effective photograph. Having a great subject sure helps, but even something mundane can be made interesting if you know how to compose your shot. In terms of creating architectural abstracts, […]