Burberry at Night

burberry chicago, Callison Bartluce Architects, Solomon Cordwell Buenz

There are a handful of Chicago buildings I’ve been meaning to shoot for quite a long time and keep procrastinating on it because I truly hate using a tripod. Particularly, for abstracts. I feel like I lose all creative freedom because instead of seeing the compositions I’m so focused on the damn tripod. I’m sure […]

City Nights Photowalk with Chicago Photography Classes – September

london house, trump tower chicago

Another teaching thing I haven’t done for about 2 years is lead a class or in this case, a photowalk, with the RS Chicago Photography Classes (CPC). Such a great community of people here and the place I learned how to develop and print film photography forever ago! So, it’s always great to be back […]

How to photograph fireworks and cityscapes

Summertime means fireworks in a lot of places. National holidays like the 4th of July are an obvious event, but many places do them all summer long, like Navy Pier in Chicago (every Wednesday & Saturday night between Memorial Day and Labor Day). Let’s see how you can get some interesting cityscapes shots with fireworks. […]

A Thousand Points of Light…a new series

One of my photographic goals this year is to work on a few series and complete at least one each year. This particular series was another one that kind-of crept up on me. I was shooting the bean last fall and attempting to find an unique way to photograph it, I was playing around with […]

Fun at the bean!

I recently completed a class at the Chicago Photography Center with Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante. This was a great class and it’s always fun to meet new photographers and learn from a pro like Scott. Sometimes a class or workshop is just what’s needed to get motivated and see things from a new perspective. Seeing […]