Perspective: Contextual vs Abstract

palmer house hilton

One of my struggles is photographing a space in a wider context to give viewers a frame of reference. My inclination is to go straight to the detailed, abstract version of whatever it is I’m photographing. It’s what excites me most about photography. But, when showing my work to the general public, they often wonder […]

Palmer House Chandeliers

palmer house hilton

In March & April I taught a second session of my Intro to Architecture Series class. The goal of the class is to teach students how to begin creating series. By this, I mean a grouping of images that work well together as body of work. When you’re not used to working this way, I’ve […]

Intro to Architecture Series, Class 3 – Palmer House

palmer house hilton

Week 3 of the Architecture Series calls with Chicago Photography Classes had us going to the Palmer House Hilton. This is such a beautifully ornate location. I’ve photographed this many times so trying to come up with something different was difficult at first. I decided to focus on the reflections of architectural details in the […]

Workshop Outtakes

navy pier, ferris wheel

  In my last post I shared some images created for The White City workshop I led downtown. While I was looking for those specific images and additions to the series, I also shot images in my more typical style. Thought I’d share a few favorites from the day here. Thanks for taking a look! […]

The Palmer House & The White City Series

palmer house, the white city, the devil in the white city

I planned to make a couple stops Wednesday to create some images for my series The White City. The Palmer House was my first stop as this was a very prominent hotel at the time with many notable guests of the 1893 World’s Fair staying here. Potter Palmer built the original hotel as a wedding […]

Greet a Chicagoan…pick 18 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

palmer house hilton

Who knew there was a Chicago Greeter Program! This really is a good find…it’s free, it can be planned in advance (if you’re a visiting guest to Chicago) or better yet, you can just drop in last minute for a tour of our amazing city through the Instagreeter program! There are various neighborhoods within the […]