New Additions (again): Cloudscrapers + Urban Quilt

While teaching that 1on1 workshop a couple weeks ago I managed to get a couple new shots for two of my series. Seems these two are top of mind lately, or the conditions just happen to be right…or, perhaps, both 😉 Either way, I’ll first share a new one for my Cloudscrapers series (see the […]

Cloudscrapers – New Additions


Seems this series has been on my mind lately or I’ve just been out in the right conditions to create images to add to this series. Either way, always happy when subject and conditions align so well. In this case I created 4 images from the same building, yet yielding different results. Well, kinda…the images […]

The Palmer House & The White City Series

palmer house, the white city, the devil in the white city

I planned to make a couple stops Wednesday to create some images for my series The White City. The Palmer House was my first stop as this was a very prominent hotel at the time with many notable guests of the 1893 World’s Fair staying here. Potter Palmer built the original hotel as a wedding […]

The Best of 2013

chicago skyline

It’s that time of year again…where everyone sets out to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new year. As this is a photography blog, I thought I’d reflect on the images I’ve made throughout this year and, just for fun, share my favorites! After reviewing my 2013 images I was a […]

Shop 'Til You Drop….pick 27 of 52 adventures in Chicago

macy's chicago

Seems I’m sticking with that shopping theme…it’s far too cold to be wandering around outside for too long and once again I did a stellar job of picking a blizzardous Chicago day for some photography. This time the little adventure card had me “shopping” on State Street. Wow, has this street changed since I first […]

Magnificent Mile….pick 25 & 26 of 52 adventures in Chicago

hampton inn downtown chicago, chicago motor club, holabird & root

Once again it’s been awhile since I’ve had a day to myself to shoot or pick one of those adventure cards. Since it was supposed to be ridiculously cold I didn’t so much “pick” a card as I strategically choose two cards! The first was the Magnificent Mile and the second was Walk and Shop. […]

Hometown Revisited

berlin, wisconsin, berlin aquatic center

It’s been a full year since I started my Hometown Series, so, once again, while I was back in my hometown for Thanksgiving I set out to make some images of locations I missed the first time around. The two Thanksgiving outings are more of a documentation of key locations throughout town that were a […]

Madison Plaza

burberry michigan avenue

I debated writing up a post from my outing on Friday since it was a pretty underwhelming day. Once again, I haven’t been out in weeks and it was another rainy, gloomy, flat gray sky kind of day. But I was determined to find something to photograph. There are these two curvaceous structures that I […]

From the 'L' – a book

from the 'l' book, chicago 'l', cta, chicago transit authority

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I finished my From the ‘L’ series earlier this year. This is the first full series I set out to do and the first I’ve completed! To commemorate this little achievement I’ve put together a book of the best images from each line, I also […]

Rural Impressions Exhibition

berlin, wisconsin

If you follow my blog and work then you know I’ve been working on a Hometown series over the last year, something I’ve been wanting to do for years but couldn’t quite find a meaningful way to approach the work. But last fall things fell into place a bit; I was reading this book How […]