Urban Quilt NYC on Petapixel

urban quilt new york city

Hi there! As I’m sure you know, I’ve been working on my Urban Quilt Chicago series for a few years now. Recently, I’ve expanded to other cities, with New York City being a great location to broaden this series. I’m happy to share some of the images were recently shared on Petapixel. Head over here […]

Series Additions | Cloudscrapers


There are a few series I’m continuously working on, with Cloudscapers being one of them. Oftentimes these ideas are in the back of my mind and when I’m out shooting, either during workshops, on vacation or just a new building, if the right conditions present themselves I’m reminded of this work. While in London and […]

Series editions via Toronto

Last month I taught a workshop in Toronto through Photography Unfolded, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this a bunch of times by now but in case you missed it, it’s that company Michael Muraz and I created for the majority of our teaching endeavors. If you want that kind of content definitely head over […]

Urban Quilt Toronto, new additions

urban quilt toronto

A final round of Toronto images from my April trip, some new additions to the Toronto edition of my Urban Quilt series. I’ve been wanting to photograph this area of downtown for this series for months but there’s this electrical company with a steam chimney, or whatever the correct terms are, lol, that has been […]

New Additions (again): Cloudscrapers + Urban Quilt

While teaching that 1on1 workshop a couple weeks ago I managed to get a couple new shots for two of my series. Seems these two are top of mind lately, or the conditions just happen to be right…or, perhaps, both ;) Either way, I’ll first share a new one for my Cloudscrapers series (see the […]

Cloudscrapers – New Additions


Seems this series has been on my mind lately or I’ve just been out in the right conditions to create images to add to this series. Either way, always happy when subject and conditions align so well. In this case I created 4 images from the same building, yet yielding different results. Well, kinda…the images […]

Recent Publications

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I enjoyed spending some relaxed time with my family and cooking Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. Given I don’t cook much, I’m glad everything turned out okay ;) Over the weekend I also received a copy of Let’s Explore Magazine, Issue 01 – CROSSROADS. This was so nice […]

Things We Used to See…further explored

hyatt center chicago

I think what interests me about streetlamps as a photographic subject is their simplistic, modest form, their necessity, yet how generally overlooked they are. They light our city streets, they help us find our way…we’re surrounded by them, we rely on them, yet we take them for granted. I’ve been going through some of my […]