Contrasts – Shadow vs Light

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Contrasts are one of my favorite themes to look for when making images. There are many to consider – old/new, warm/cool, smooth/rough, and today we’ll discuss shadow/light. Subtle Variations It can be subtle and can take a very straightforward image that might be dull in flat lighting conditions more interesting. In this shot, I’ve centered […]

Using Rain & Fog To Create Mood In Your Architecture Images

Spring is finally upon us! Which means changing weather patterns and oftentimes higher amounts of rain and fog. Instead of packing up your gear, why not use these fleeting conditions to your advantage to create something unique. Let’s talk about rain first. Either find an indoor location and look for raindrops on the windows, or […]

Taking Advantage of Gray Skies

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It seems winter is upon us, which means many days of gray, gloomy skies. An easy excuse to put the camera away and avoid shooting. While it may be a bit more limiting to photograph with those whiteout, dull skies, they can have their advantages. Mainly, they’re a great use of negative space, nice even […]

Perspective: Contextual vs Abstract

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One of my struggles is photographing a space in a wider context to give viewers a frame of reference. My inclination is to go straight to the detailed, abstract version of whatever it is I’m photographing. It’s what excites me most about photography. But, when showing my work to the general public, they often wonder […]

How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

With summer upon us there will be no shortage of photo opportunities with your little ones. So, with the urging of a friend and fellow mom (thanks Gail) I thought it would be a good time to post some tips on how to take great photos of your kids. First and foremost I believe the […]