Utilizing Reflections In Your Architectural Images

chicago chinatown library, som, skimore owings and merill

Reflections are one of my favorite architectural subjects with so many options for compositions and reflective surfaces to draw inspiration from. Let’s start with the most obvious in terms of architectural work – those glassy building facades. You can use the glassy surface to reflect neighboring buildings like you see here with Chicago’s Trump Tower […]

Reflections of Paris

Moving along with all the Paris images and sharing one of my favorite ways to photograph anything….reflections! There’s something that makes even the mundane in a cityscape, architecture or even street photography all that much more compelling when a reflection is involved. Maybe it’s the slight abstractions or multiple layers created causing you to linger […]

Magnificent Mile….pick 25 & 26 of 52 adventures in Chicago

hampton inn downtown chicago, chicago motor club, holabird & root

Once again it’s been awhile since I’ve had a day to myself to shoot or pick one of those adventure cards. Since it was supposed to be ridiculously cold I didn’t so much “pick” a card as I strategically choose two cards! The first was the Magnificent Mile and the second was Walk and Shop. […]