Bridges: Webster, Cortland & Damen

damen avenue bridge chicage

It was a day full of wandering the bridges on the northside of Chicago, some old–the bascule (drawbridge) bridges of Webster and Cortland which are most representative of the type of bridge this city is known for, afterall Chicago has the largest variety of drawbridge’s in any city in the world, to the more modern […]

iPhone Photography

space mountain disneyland

There’s a new gallery up on the website…iPhone Photography! I just thought it was a little something fun and since there are a few images I really like I wanted to share them. I didn’t want to lump them in with my other images, there’s just a bit of a different feel to images taken […]

The Best of 2013

chicago skyline

It’s that time of year again…where everyone sets out to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new year. As this is a photography blog, I thought I’d reflect on the images I’ve made throughout this year and, just for fun, share my favorites! After reviewing my 2013 images I was a […]

Urban Geometry

st paul's cathedral, london

Lately I seem to be drawn to creating architectural images in a very abstract, stark, geometric way. I’ve particularly noticed it with the images from a couple weeks ago of the building at 1611 W Division and the images from Marina City a couple months ago, well, and maybe even Prentice. There are a few […]

"Tower of Pizza Hut"

ondation louis vuitton, frank gehry

I always love modern architecture–the clean lines, the appearance of simplicity and order. So, when a friend of mine clued me into a new building in the East Village/Wicker Park Neighborhood I thought I’d check it out. The building isn’t complete yet but what is completed, I love! 1611 W Division (dubbed the “Tower of […]

Chinatown…pick 22 of 52 Adventures in Chicago!

chinatown chicago

After my last rained out attempt at taking the water taxi down to Chicago’s Chinatown I ventured out again today with my little girl for a little exploring and our first taste of bubble tea! Avery always loves taking any form of public transportation so she was in luck with our trek on the bus, […]

Things We Used to See…further explored

hyatt center chicago

I think what interests me about streetlamps as a photographic subject is their simplistic, modest form, their necessity, yet how generally overlooked they are. They light our city streets, they help us find our way…we’re surrounded by them, we rely on them, yet we take them for granted. I’ve been going through some of my […]

The Things We Used To See

chicago parking garage

If you’ve read my blog or know me personally you know I struggle ever so much with finding a direction for my work. There’s a strong part of my artistic side that truly believes to be successful I need to find a signature style and specific project to focus on, follow through and complete. I […]