The Things We Used To See

chicago parking garage

If you’ve read my blog or know me personally you know I struggle ever so much with finding a direction for my work. There’s a strong part of my artistic side that truly believes to be successful I need to find a signature style and specific project to focus on, follow through and complete. I […]

Finding My Direction…a work in progress

chicago parking garage

I came across this eBook, A Lesser Photographer, by C.J. Chilvers that was shared by a fellow photographer friend through a Chicago Area Photowalks group I’m in. The essence of the eBook is that less is more and while my post will not necessarily speak to that, it got me thinking about some issues I […]

Jumping in!

graceland cemetery chicago

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for years, but for some reason something is always holding me back. I always tell myself I’m a horrible creative writer so my posts will be boring, who would read them, right? And despite being a photographer for years I still feel l have so much to learn […]