Chicago Private Workshop Recap – June | Hyde Park

studio gang architects, Campus North Residential Commons

In mid-June, I met up with a past workshop participant from Philly for a half-day photo tour through Hyde Park and three Studio Gang-designed buildings. Hyde Park is a bit out of the way from downtown and public transit to the area leaves much to be desired but the area is well worth the visit. […]

Lincoln Park Pavilion – cityscapes & abstracts

lincoln park pavilion, studio gang architects, chicago architecture

It’s rare one location works well for both cityscapes and abstracts, but the Studio Gang-designed pavilion along Lincoln Park’s nature boardwalk is one of those ideal locations. Starting wide, you can use the pavilion to frame a portion of  Chicago’s skyline. Either from inside the pavilion for a more fill-the-frame perspective or stepping back and […]

Dichotomous Aqua

In my last post from the 2018 OOC Conference I mentioned I’d be sharing a separate post with some images from Aqua. I’ve photographed this building dozens of times, it’s certainly a Chicago favorite, especially for abstracts. Most often I prefer to photograph this building with a telephoto lens, it is a skyscraper after-all (the […]

Snowed In: WMS Clark Park Boathouse

wms clark park boathouse, studio gang architects

A few weeks ago we had a very cold spell with a whole lot of snow. I was reluctant to get out, but there’s something about the bright sunshine after a nice snowfall. Especially at the WMS Clark Park Boathouses designed by Studio Gang Architects. The black of the building, along with stark white snow, […]

University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons

studio gang, University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons

I finally made it to the not-so-new-any-longer Studio Gang designed Residential Commons on the University of Chicago campus. Like so many of her designs, there’s a curviness to the facade that makes for fun in creating abstracts. When editing in black and white the concrete material gives a bit of a brutalist feeling. However, in […]

Aqua Revisited + Photographing Under Various Conditions

aqua, studio gang architects

A few weeks ago I taught a one-on-one workshop focusing on architectural details and abstracts. He had been focused on that great light we all love in the early morning and late afternoon, but found himself missing a big portion of the day and struggling with how to best utilize that midday light. So many […]

City Hyde Park

city hyde park, stuido gang architects

  Chicago based architecture firm Studio Gang Architects is by far one of my favorite firms. Of course I love that they’re local but the designs they create are thoughtful and inspired. I’ve shared a number of their Chicago projects from the tallest high rise designed by a woman – Aqua – to the pavilion […]

Recap: Out of Chicago Architecture Photo Seminar

aqua radisson blu chicago

It’s been a hectic week but I finally managed to edit the photos from last Friday’s Out of Chicago Architecture Photography Seminar. I had the honor of teaching with two exceptional photographers — Fine Art Long Exposure photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou and Commercial Architecture photographer Tom Rossiter. If you’ve never heard them speak or seen […]

Aqua – Another Visit

I just can’t seem to stop visiting Aqua lately! This time it was to meet up with some friends and fellow photographers. I rarely visit the same building this frequently in such a short span of time but it is one of Chicago’s best. Each time I go I think I’ve seen it all the […]

Aqua Abstracts

aqua, studio gang

After Saturday’s Out of Chicago Photography conference sessions wrapped up there was a little bit of light left so I decided to get those abstract shots of the Radisson Blu Aqua building I’ve been meaning to do for quite a long time. I rented the telephoto 70-200mm lens knowing my usual 24-70mm just isn’t long […]