The Bean in the Snow

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Long on my to-shoot list is The Bean in the snow. Last week we had lots of snow. And, after shooting the new St Regis for a client project I decided to make the short drive over to The Bean. By the time I arrived the little bit of sun we had, had disappeared and […]

The Bean

the bean, anish kapoor, millennium park

On a bit of a Chicago kick since I’m stuck here, we had to cancel our workshop and to make up for it I’ll be doing a little virtual tour of locations soon…stay tuned! In the meantime, I thought I’d share what is likely the most photographed location in the city, The Bean. The official […]

The Bean during Covid

the bean, anish kapoor, millennium park, abstract archtiecture photography

Last week I managed to check out the bean when the park was open…yay for checking the hours this time, lol! I got there pretty close to 8am, when it opens, to get the softer light and fewer people. There were only about 5 others there at that time. So weird to see such quietness […]

CAF Open House Chicago 2013

IA Interior Architects

It’s been a little over a week since attending the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s (CAF) Annual Open House Chicago (OHC), and I’m finally getting around to sharing my photos (as well as the photos of the other 5 photographers I was out with). If you’re not familiar with this event, CAF organizes a weekend full of […]

A Thousand Points of Light…a new series

One of my photographic goals this year is to work on a few series and complete at least one each year. This particular series was another one that kind-of crept up on me. I was shooting the bean last fall and attempting to find an unique way to photograph it, I was playing around with […]

Fun at the bean!

I recently completed a class at the Chicago Photography Center with Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante. This was a great class and it’s always fun to meet new photographers and learn from a pro like Scott. Sometimes a class or workshop is just what’s needed to get motivated and see things from a new perspective. Seeing […]

Millennium Park…pick 16 of our 52 adventures in Chicago!

cloud gate, anish kapoor, millennium park

We met up with one of the first friends I ever made when we first moved to Milwaukee over 4 years ago. She wanted to squeeze in one more trip to Chicago before all the craziness of school consumes our lives, so we decided to spend a few hours roaming around Millennium Park! There is […]