Erasmus MC Library | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Erasmus MC Library, rotterdam, the netherlands

The second city I visited while in The Netherlands was Rotterdam. I’ve never been here before and most of the time was spent photographing some of its interesting architecture. One of the first stops was Erasmus MC Library, which, well, I got kicked out of. Apparently you can’t be in there unless you’re a student. […]

Beatrixkwartier | The Hague

Beatrixkwartier, the hague

Early this summer I spent a few days in The Netherlands. My first photo stop was the RandstadRail station in Beatrixkwartier, the business district of The Hague. It’s also nicknamed The ‘Netkous’ or Fishnet Stocking, which you can probably see why from the wider shot below. Of course, most of my time was spent shooting […]