Shades of Blue

eaton centre bridge, WilkinsonEyre, angie mcmonigal

Blue is common to come across in architecture, in large part due to the blue sky reflecting in all those glassy buildings. Then, on occasion, due to my love of the color and altering the white balance in some shots (read more here on how/why). Like you see below and above in the Allen Lambert […]

Time for another revisit…

art gallery of ontario, frank gehry, angie mcmonigal

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is just one of those places that never gets old. As I’m sure you’re aware, I can’t get enough of good spiral staircases and the Frank Gehry design at the AGO is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s made of this beautiful Douglas Fir; the color is […]

Intentional Camera Movement | Toronto

I led a workshop in Toronto not too long ago and I’ll be sharing a series of posts breaking down some different locations from that weekend. I’ll start things off with a fun technique we teach but often forget to do while out shooting, intentional camera movement! This can be done many ways…zooming your lens […]

Series editions via Toronto

Last month I taught a workshop in Toronto through Photography Unfolded, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this a bunch of times by now but in case you missed it, it’s that company Michael Muraz and I created for the majority of our teaching endeavors. If you want that kind of content definitely head over […]

Urban Quilt Toronto, new additions

urban quilt toronto

A final round of Toronto images from my April trip, some new additions to the Toronto edition of my Urban Quilt series. I’ve been wanting to photograph this area of downtown for this series for months but there’s this electrical company with a steam chimney, or whatever the correct terms are, lol, that has been […]

Eaton Centre Bridge

eaton centre bridge, wilinsoneyre

Last month I made a couple of photo stops around Toronto. After the AGO, I stopped by the WilkinsonEyre designed pedestrian bridge that connects Hudson Bay’s flagship store with the Eaton Centre mall. The Hudson Bay end of the bridge has a circular opening to accommodate the arches of the building, while the Eaton Centre […]

Frank Gehry & the AGO

I have a mild obsession with staircases in general and one of my all-time favorites is the Frank Gehry designed staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Every visit results in new takes on this beauty. The warm tones of the wood (Douglas fir) make the color versions inviting, while the black & white offers […]

One of our favorite locations in Toronto: the Aga Khan Museum

If you ever find yourself in Toronto, take the time to go visit the Aga Khan Museum! Designed by Maki and Associates and Moriyama & Teshima Architects, the museum is a gorgeous site with a beautiful garden and the nearby Ismaili Centre. The museum is definitely one of our favorite locations in Toronto, with its minimalist architecture […]

"Unzipped" Toronto

A few weeks ago I made a brief stop in Toronto before heading off to Paris for the upcoming workshop I was teaching with Michael Muraz through our Photography Unfolded site. In a last minute decision Michael got us tickets to “Unzipped” Toronto. The first North American stop of the BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group designed pavilion. First, […]

The best Toronto cityscapes

The Toronto skyline is pretty easy to recognize, thanks to the CN Tower that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city. Let’s dive into the best locations to capture Toronto cityscapes. The lake views are probably the most obvious and famous. There are several islands just south of Downtown Toronto, so it’s […]