Series editions via Toronto

Last month I taught a workshop in Toronto through Photography Unfolded, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this a bunch of times by now but in case you missed it, it’s that company Michael Muraz and I created for the majority of our teaching endeavors. If you want that kind of content definitely head over […]

Why I Pursue Photo Projects

There always seems to be a lot of talk about creating series and photo projects in the photography community and for the longest time the whole project mentality eluded me. I just couldn’t come up with anything interesting but I felt like it was important to move in that direction. I thought that creating a […]

Deloitte – Chicago

Deloitte Chicago

I was in the loop this morning taking head shots of a few people from Brady’s office, not something I do very often, and then had about an hour to kill before I had to get back home.  I didn’t have any grand plans, but he’s about a block north of the Deloitte building which always […]

Revisiting the Disney Concert Hall

walt disney concert hall, frank gehry

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, designed by the incomparable Frank Gehry, is quite possibly my favorite building. At least that I’ve photographed so far. I have yet to make it to his Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and I just missed the completion of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris last summer…so […]

Calder's Four Arches

four arches alexander calder

Alexander Calder‘s sculptures are distinct and quite easy to spot with his signature Calder Red and massive steel arches. His Four Arches sculpture in Los Angeles is the third Calder sculpture I’ve photographed. Late last year I was lucky enough to come across his Stabile Rouge in Paris’s La Defense and, of course, Chicago’s Flamingo […]

Self-Portrait…it's a stretch

For those camera-shy photographer’s, and aren’t most of us(?), here’s as close to a self-portrait as I’ve been in years! It’s still a stretch…far more about the architecture, lines and geometries than my tiny little reflection. The dreaded self-portrait is one of those things I think most photographer’s struggle with. We’re all so much more […]

From Rooftops and Streets

chicago skyline, cta

I actually had a couple hours to photograph today…unfortunately I was faced with wintery gray skies, definitely less than ideal conditions. Seriously, is this winter ever going to end?! As I write this, it’s snowing….AGAIN! I seemed to make a morning of photographing from a few parking garage rooftops and then made my way to […]

Wednesday's Misfits

chicago symphony orchestra rotunda, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill

Seems I covered a fair amount of ground on Wednesday without really intending to, guess I’m trying to make up for lost time shooting. These are just a few random photos that didn’t really fit in with my intended purpose for shooting Wednesday but I thought I’d share them anyway. First up, the Chicago Symphony […]

Michigan Avenue in January

city of chicago

One final post from the weekend. Since I was all over the place and feeling aimless,  I thought I’d share three final, randomish, images from Michigan Ave. All in color, one street shot (what?!) and one that I’d consider a stock-like image. But, I was loving the dramatic light, and when there’s fantastic light it’s […]

Out of Practice…

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was wandering around Maggie Daley and Millennium Parks over the weekend for some much needed photography time. However, I was having a hard time seeing anything in a very interesting way and was just not feeling inspired, which was very frustrating. Especially since I haven’t had much […]