urban quilt, streeterville, chicago

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot from a friends condo in the Streeterville neighborhood. If you’re not familiar with this area, its boundaries are the river on the south, Michigan Ave on the west and Lake Michigan on the east and north ends. If you’ve ever visited the city and walked from Michigan Ave […]

From the Trains of Paris

Some of you may be familiar with my From the ‘L’ Series, where I photographed Chicago from its various train lines, riding each from one end to the other. While the ‘L’ is unique to Chicago in that the majority of the city trains are above ground as opposed to subways below ground, like in […]

Wednesday Wandering's


Yesterday was quite a random day of subject matter—low-lying fog, the Chicago skyline, street photography, architecture and abstracts. I spent the morning walking around with another mom-tographer friend who typically photographs kids and families (be sure to check out her work here and here..I love her images!). Unlike my usual days of shooting we didn’t […]

Urban Layers

chicago skyline

As I was walking along Lakeshore Drive (LSD) admiring the amazing architecture in this city, I remembered an image I made last fall at the Open House Chicago event and how much I loved the layering of buildings and different styles of architecture. The various eras of design aesthetics yet they all still seem to […]

Spring Bridge Lifts

chicago skyline, chicago river, chicago bridge lifts

Chicago is finally experiencing some spring weather and seeing the boats head out to the lake is a reassuring sign that maybe this warm weather is here to stay! Yesterday was beautiful and a morning along the Chicago River was the perfect way to start the day. I wasn’t able to stay for all the […]

Springtime Skyline

chicago skyline, chicago gold coast

It appears springtime has finally arrived here in Chicago and it’s about time! I strolled along the lakefront from Chicago Ave to North Ave Beach on a warm spring day…it was so nice, I really should do this more often!

North Avenue Bridge

north avenue bridge chicago

One of my “projects” this year is to photograph some of Chicago’s bridges, along with interesting bridges in any location I travel to. I started this year with the very cool Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge in San Diego. And this week I finally made it to one of Chicago’s more interesting bridges, the North Ave […]

iPhone Photography

space mountain disneyland

There’s a new gallery up on the website…iPhone Photography! I just thought it was a little something fun and since there are a few images I really like I wanted to share them. I didn’t want to lump them in with my other images, there’s just a bit of a different feel to images taken […]

Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts

Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, los angeles

Don’t you love my creative titles for these blog posts?! Clearly creative writing is not my forte…at all. And the back-to-back blog posts the last few days makes that glaringly obvious. Oh well, I’ll just stick to what works for me with the writing and save up my creative energy for the photography. The images […]

The Best of 2013

chicago skyline

It’s that time of year again…where everyone sets out to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new year. As this is a photography blog, I thought I’d reflect on the images I’ve made throughout this year and, just for fun, share my favorites! After reviewing my 2013 images I was a […]