An Interview with Rfotofolio

lincoln park pavilion, we energies pavilion, studio gang architects

I’m very honored to have recently been interviewed by two online publications, Rfotofolio and Interesting Photographers from around the world. These are my first two interviews regarding my photography work. It is truly an honor to have my work and words included on these two sites and shared alongside some impressive photographers that I very much […]

Summertime is Here!

art gallery of ontario, frank gehry

Despite this cold, gray and rainy Chicago day, when you see the bridges lift and the sailboats headed for the lake you know summer has to be right around the corner. This morning I met up with some fellow Chicago photogs to catch some shots of the bridges lifting along the Chicago River. After braving […]

An Afternoon of Abstracts

burberry chicago

The anxiety has been settling in from the lack of photography being made lately or the poor photography that has been of the last couple weeks, not even one shot worth posting anywhere. Today a little inspiration was in order; first a stop by the Catherine Edelman gallery to check out an exhibition of Michael […]

Series Updates

lake point tower

What a perfect day for a little photography! I think we’ve finally escaped our brutal winter weather and have embraced spring…let’s hope it’s here to stay! My main goal today was to get some images of the Chicago River and its bridges but I can’t seem to get the vantage point I need. Anyone out […]

Prentice Women's Hospital

spertus institute, krueck + sexton architects

Nearly 6 years ago my life changed forever when my baby girl was born at Prentice Women’s Hospital. So, it’s a little bittersweet that this building is slated for demolition. After taking these images today I did a little research on the history of this building–it was designed by native Chicagoan Bertrand Goldberg who also […]

A Photographer's Indecision

chicago skyline

For all you photographers out there…do you struggle with indecision when editing and posting your photos? I drive myself crazy with my terrible indecision. From deciding whether to process in color or black and white, and I often do both on the same image; then I sit here toggling between the two images agonizing over […]

Aqua's Magic

aqua chicago, studio gang architects

Yesterday I was wandering around along the river looking for good spots to shoot the bridges and glanced down Columbus Drive happy to see the Aqua Skyscraper. I have been meaning to photograph this building since we moved back here over a year and a half ago so I took a little detour…so glad I […]

A Thousand Points of Light…a new series

One of my photographic goals this year is to work on a few series and complete at least one each year. This particular series was another one that kind-of crept up on me. I was shooting the bean last fall and attempting to find an unique way to photograph it, I was playing around with […]

From the 'L': Series Conclusion

Working on a series is something I’ve wanted to do for years and for years I could never seem to come up with a series I wanted to work on. But one afternoon last fall, after making the decision to spend less time on portrait work and more time on finding my niche in the […]

From the 'L': Pink Line

mca, johnston marklee

The final line of the series! Of all the lines, only the yellow and pink were lines I had never ridden on prior to starting this series. And had the pink line been around when I worked at UIC I would have ridden it everyday, it opened in 2006, right about the time I took […]