Using Repetitive Patterns to Strengthen Your Compositions

Architecture is filled with patterns, from spiral staircases to something as simple as the lines in the windows. Let’s take a look at how we can isolate these patterns in both wider and abstract ways. As well as regular and irregular ways. Let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Art Museum. In the wider shot, […]

Drawing the Viewer in with Leading Lines

pantheon, paris

Leading lines are probably one of the most basic composition techniques in any genre of photography. In terms of architecture, this is easier to come by in mid-range and cityscape shots. Though not impossible for abstracts, it is a bit more challenging. One of the best subjects for leading lines is the spiral staircase. Simply […]

Using Framing to Create More Interest in Your Architectural Subjects

lincoln park pavilion, studio gang architects, angie mcmonigal photography

One of our favorite ways to compose architectural subjects is to frame them. There are many ways to do this, from abstract takes to cityscape views. Let’s go through a few examples to give you an idea of what we mean. Starting with an abstract perspective. One way is to use a portion of the […]

Using isolation to compose architectural images

geisel library

“The art of photography is about directing the attention of the viewer.” – Steven Pinker Composition is probably the most important element of creating an effective photograph. Having a great subject sure helps, but even something mundane can be made interesting if you know how to compose your shot. In terms of creating architectural abstracts, […]